Creative thinking saved the day

How Geniuses Think

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Mister Hamster's Rescue: A True Story of How a Creative Idea Saved the Day [Stephanie Lee Allensworth] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Mister Hamster was a very happy and fluffy tan-and-white hamster who lived in a big cage in a big house with his young caretaker5/5(10).

In the Lake Tahoe backcountry, 9-year-old Bode Beirdneau rode for miles in the snow to find help that would save his dad's life. Alan Dep/Marin Independent Journal On a crisp day last April, as Bode Beirdneau, then nine, and his father, John Taylor, 54, wrapped up their afternoon of snowmobiling around the Lake Tahoe backcountry, a twig jammed in.

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Creative thinking saved the day
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