Moon j. (2008 critical thinking an exploration of theory and practice

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Learning Theory

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The Institute of East Asian Studies organizes and sponsors research and public service programs related to the history, cultures and contemporary affairs of East Asia, at the University of California, Berkeley. *Moon, J () Critical Thinking: an exploration of theory and practice, London, Routledge *Moon, J () Achieving Success through Academic Assertiveness: real life strategies for today’s students, London / New York,Routledge.

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Feb 12,  · Pharmacy students require critical-thinking and problem-solving skills to integrate theory learned in the classroom with the complexities of practice, yet many pharmacy students fall short of acquiring these skills. Reflective practice activities encourage learning from the student’s own.

This approach is reinforced by many authors in order to encourage critical thinking, deep reflection and deep learning thus enabling development and knowledge acquisition in relation to one's area of practice (Murphy and Atkins,Burns and Bulman,Rolfe et al.,Moon, ).

Bibliography for KV Evidence Informed Research Study BETA. Back to list. Export Moon, J. A. () Critical thinking: an exploration of theory and practice. Abingdon: Routledge. Moon, J. A. and MyiLibrary.

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Ajzen, I. and Fishbein, M. () Understanding attitudes and predicting social ncmlittleton.comood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall.

A Model of Professional Thinking: Integrating Reflective Practice and Evidence Based Practice Moon j. (2008 critical thinking an exploration of theory and practice
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Reflective Practice